March 5, 2008

Freediving, ashes and snow

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ashesnadsnow-2.jpg“When I started Ashes and snow in 1992, I set out to explore the relationship ashesnadsnow-2.jpgbetween man and the animals from the inside out” says Gregory Colbert.

His exhibition sponsored by the Rolex Institute has been visited by more than 1.5 million persons around the globe.
Venice, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles…mexico city.

His website is pure magic with some astonishing pictures putting together men freediving with and animals…Visit ashes and snow wesite here ( sound on will make the visit even more magic )

January 9, 2008

The Life Amphibious project

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Life AmphibiousAlex Sarasitis of the company Trygons, famous to freedivers from designing and implementing the systems used by Herbert Nitsch on his 214m no-limits record, has an interesting project in the works. The Australian marine biologist Lloyd Godson and his Greek partner Carolina Sarasiti plan to cross 500 km of distance in custom-built human powered fish shaped submarines, designed and built by Alex.

The “Life Amphibious” project has many parallels to the previously mentioned “Sub Human Project”, as it also includes the idea of crossing great distances in the sea using a human powered submarine. Also similar is the is the re-design of the concept of the monofin, achieving greater efficiency by dynamically changing the angle of the blade. There are not much technical details yet, but it is very interesting that the latest update hints at Herbert Nitsch using this design on a world record attempt in 2008.

On the last update you can also see a picture of a kind of early prototype of the device, which is very strange looking indeed.

Looks like the year 2008 will be the battle of the monofins. Will the lunocet or Alex’s invetion take the trophy? Or will traditional monofins still hold their place? In any case this year should be interesting for freedivers.

December 25, 2007

William Trubridge’s new website now online

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vertical-blue.jpgIt is Christmas …

William Trubridge, former record holder in constant no fins has launched his brand new website with loads of nice stuff to see on Vertical Blue.

Vertical Blue is the name of William Trubridge’s freediving team and Apnea Academy freediving school based on Long Island, in the Bahamas. Courses are held in the stunning waters of Dean’s Blue Hole, where William trains for world record attempts.

Check the videos…they are simply amazing. See the site at www.verticalblue.net

December 19, 2007

William Winram Launches New Website

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William Winram, the first freediver to pass through the blue hole in dahab unassisted, and silver medalist in the CNF discipline in the World Championships has launched a new website.

Go and have a look at http://www.williamwinram.com/

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